well, probably


the a in lgbtqa should stand for allies, they deserve the recognition for defeating the axis powers and winning world war 2

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i have a total MANcrush on that guy in those MEggings and the GUYliner that’s eating a MANyogurt and probably washes himself with a MANwasher don’t forget i am a MAN haha total DUDE right here being so MANsecure about my MANsculinity i have to add the word MAN into everything i say to remind you

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A fun thing to do when people accuse you of “thinking people should just have stuff HANDED TO THEM! ! !” Is to just cold be like yes. I absolutely do believe that. I think every single person should have their needs met unconditionally without ever having to prove that they “deserve” it based on arbitrary criteria of usefulness. You got me. Busted.

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been tryna work on this paper for the past three days but have continually managed to not work on it at all

actively fucking up